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When writing back to Hamid I asked if he needed anything and he said he had no shoes, just the prison thongs so I bought him some nice sneakers on Ebay along with a CD Rom to accelerate his English for when he got out and to help others as Hamid taught English in the centre. After 18 months in detention Hamid was finally released on 23 rd September and sent to Perth where he worked 6 days a week on a farm and as a machinery operator in a Fremantle brewery.

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In Hamid became share holder and Managing Director of a car wrecking company which is growing and he proudly states that he has employed many more workers and has a strong multi-cultural workplace. It was quite a moving 30 minutes or so for someone like me not prone to emotion!

His attitude to life is depicted clearly in his smile and he is nothing short of an inspiration to me. There is a little epilogue to our catch up. I drove back to work which is about an hour from Sunshine and I got a call from our receptionist an hour later that there is someone there to see me.

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I troddled out and there is Hamid with a box under his arm. I sat him down and he said that he had forgotten to give me this gift.

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I opened it and it was a pair of business shoes. I bid him farewell, went back to my office and lo and behold, some salty discharge as Seinfeld would say dropped from my eyes. It is impossible for us comfortable Australians to understand the courage that people like Hamid have.

Behrouz is an internationally recognised, multi award winning writer with a Masters degree in political science, political geography and geopolitics. So when this man had access to a cell phone he was able to transcribe his journey via text to his friends in Australia to translate. Perhaps even philosophical. But uttered at a time when starvation and fear of death had impaired my equilibrium. Thinking back, the essence of this performance was a parody of power.

Just imagine my behaviour, imagine my gestures, imagine me making that pronouncement.

In Praise of “Happy Holidays”

Imagine me, whose ribs are protruding from his body. Imagine me, a man whose ribs are so visible you could count them. Paille's 19th. They can't hammer this lead, can they? Calisthenics with Rick. Share Calisthenics with Rick with your friends.

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Save Calisthenics with Rick to your collection. Sat, Nov 23, pm. Taj, New York, NY. Maracas Nightclub, Queens, NY. Calisthenics Class Wednesday. Share Calisthenics Class Wednesday with your friends.

Be kind to one another for f**k’s sake!

Save Calisthenics Class Wednesday to your collection. Maracas, Queens, NY. Vote Post Comment. Report this Post Link to this Post If you need a reason to laugh in this day and age everyone has lost the plot. All those misery guts out there moaning and whinging about people laughing just for the sake of it, you don't know what you are missing, try it sometimes.

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Have a laugh with yourself, because sure as hell someone else will! I laugh a lot for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I think something is really funny. Sometimes I laugh because I think the person around me is an idiot.

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Sometimes I do it because it is better to laugh than to reach out and Laughter is a good mask to use usually while one is trying to regain their composure. Don't be so sure they are laughing for no reason.