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The devices are tamper resistant and do set off an alarm. We want to send the message that vaping is a serious problem here. It will notify whoever we have setup as an administrator in the system.

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So that can be through email, it can be through cell phone, it can be through a text, or through different means. Additional sensors give HALO the ability to monitor air quality for temperature, humidity, hazardous chemicals and more! Learn More.

Winner — Best New Product. Winner — Environmental Monitoring System. Winner — Best Alert Notification System. Winner — Internet of Things. Winner — Monitoring Solutions.

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Winner — Inspection and Detection Equipment. A real-time vape detector and security device!

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Multiple Sensors. Designed for Air Flow. Less False Alarms. No Cloud Fees. Integrated Device. IPVideo Corporation will provide support for your grant and aid applications. HALO Testimonials.

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Download PDF. Freeman School District installs vape detectors.

Rural Arkansas school among first to install vaping detectors. Concerns raised about teenagers vaping in area schools. More News. As Seen On.

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Quality is key for you and for us, with our highly trained teams, food safety accreditations and investments in the very latest technology, you can be confident of the freshest and safest solution delivering in the whole supply chain. Quayside Services HALO provides you with a complete range of quayside services for customers and supply partners from our dedicated added value facility. Our Services. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more.

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Halo Infinite The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite — the next chapter of the legendary franchise beginning holiday ! Learn More Watch the Trailer. Post Tweet Submit E-mail Copy. Latest Outpost Discovery News.